Bread Subscription FAQ

Wait…You deliver?!?!?


Choose a monthly subscription program that suits you, pay in advance and we will deliver fresh bread, scones, and pastries to your home once a week.

When will the bread get dropped off? Bread will be dropped off before 2pm each Wednesday of your subscription

What type of bread will I get? Each week, you’ll have two options available: Multigrain or Baker’s Choice. I’ll send out the menu for the following week each Friday. If you want to change from the default selection you picked at the time of your order, simply drop me an email by Monday morning.

  • Multigrain SourdoughMoist and light, it is a wheat sourdough studded with oats, rye , flax seeds, and toasted sunflower seeds.
  • Baker’s Choice – Get something new every week! It may be Oatmeal Sourdough, Northeast Rye, Country Sourdough, or something new. We’ll email it out to all the subscribers each week (usually by Friday evening).

Can I buy an extra loaf of bread one week? Yes! Let us know by Monday morning and we’ll happily add the extra loaves to your regular order.

What about all that goodness in the pastry case? A rotating selection of scones are available via subscription, and I’ll also have different varieties of cookies and other delectable pastries available from time to time to add to your order.

How far will you deliver? We deliver to all of Florence, and a three mile radius from the bakery which is in the Ryan Road neighborhood of Florence. It includes Leeds, Florence, and most of Northampton and Easthampton. We have included a map for your reference. If have any questions, ask us and we’ll be happy to clarify if we can deliver to your home.

Delivery Area

Are there requirements for my delivery location? Please designate a location outside your home to deliver your bread in the event that you are not home during delivery. Please ensure that the location is weather and animal-proof such as on a covered porch or in a large plastic storage container.

What happens if I’m not home one week to eat my bread? Make sure to let me know in advance (before Monday), and we’ll figure something out. I can drop it off with a friend, credit you for the loaf for a subsequent month, or donate the loaf.

What if there’s a weather emergency? In extreme cases, your loaf will be delayed one to two days. As soon as the roads are clear and the power is back on we will make the bread and deliver it to you. We will communicate any delays by email as they happen.

When is the deadline to sign-up? Sign up by the Sunday before the monthly subscription starts. You can sign up online or complete the paper sign-up in person at the Farmers Market.

 What if I have questions? Feel free to email me at at any time.